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2008-09-20 11:11:51 by fairypoet

yah... i dont make posts. if you like to know more about the GE.NE.SIS game. Visit:



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2008-09-21 07:34:50

OMG your game rocks and I've visited your page.
The video in the media section is AWESOME
I love your work :)

fairypoet responds:

Thank you for the kind words. I hope you will enjoy the game when it come out.


2008-11-01 11:54:56

why not make posts ? people like your work :p at least i do , aren't there watch-options like on deviantart ?


2009-11-14 04:47:41

Ge.ne.sis was quite the work of art, I must say. I will be waiting in great anticipation of the next installment. Well, that and also how the other Trumps of the Major Arcana will appear. I am a great fan of the Major Arcana.

On a side note, I am unable to access the 1manstudio.net website. I have even attempted googling, but all of the Ge.ne.sis related links were inaccessible too. I would very much like to visit it, so that I can help in the development of the next installment, if I can.


2009-11-17 15:55:11

Please hury whit the genesis next chapter


2009-12-26 12:41:46

man i am waiting such long for the next chapter hurry up its been months has everybody forgot this great game man plz release it how much more time and this game rocks best game i give it all my billions of billions vote to it the greatest game ever


2010-08-30 22:53:33

did you forgot the fucken game you little fuck


2010-10-21 17:48:56

I must say...
"Wings of Genesis"
Has a... ... Different gameplay.
But still, wildly anticipated since the last.
Quite nicely done with Ge.Ne.Sis, but I am not absolute with this one, but I have no complaint.
In addition as an endnote, I think I just noticed where Ge.Ne.Sis comes from, as in
GEllyan, NEraine,SISly.
Nicely done there. You should fashion this into some sort of Xbox game, you have some sort of constant... ... "reference"
As Bungie has with the number seven.


2010-10-22 19:00:29

As a second comment, are we going to have a new highly anticipated squeal more similar to Ge.ne.sis?


2010-12-14 02:23:24

I love your work. I can tell by just looking that this is a work from your heart and spirit. Well done.
On a happier note, I couldn't wait for the sequel for GE.NE.SIS and on a side note, I do hope for more spin-offs.

I love the music in all the games, and the storyline for all games are amazing. I wish I could do just as well as you.

BTW, could I become part of your studio? I want to help with, at least, ideas.


2011-04-11 02:31:26

When will come out Ge.ne.sis 2 Into the rabbit hole?


2012-01-04 04:21:24

if you still read this I would just like to confirm that your still making the games or if you have quite.


2012-08-10 23:33:08

Please hurry up. or at least tell us the possible date ge.ne.sis 2 is released. I would just like to say, although there are only 12 comments, many people are waiting for you to finish. even send the alpha demo will give us new hope.


2012-09-25 11:29:18

Wings of Genesis is not Ge.ne.sis 2. It will be good to continue original Ge.ne.sis RPG


2014-11-13 13:58:37

with how suddenly he stopped, and with not a word or any new information... i think hes dead guys